Outsourcing of matters related to the current functioning of enterprises often increases their effectiveness. 

The outsourcing of payroll calculation and employee affairs to external specialists will allow the company to focus on its core business, bringing measurable financial benefits and guaranteeing complete tightening of the circulation of information on payroll and not disclosing it inside the company.

All reports and statements for clients can be in English or Italian.

Within this segment of services we offer:
Preparation of tax returns, in particular:

  • preparation of monthly tax returns in the area of income tax, VAT and other taxes;
  • preparation of annual tax returns, information on income and advance payments for personal income tax.

HR and payroll services and consulting in the field of social insurance, including:

  • preparation of documents necessary for the registration of employers and employees for pension and disability insurance;
  • maintaining a database of employees' personal data and preparing data for the Client's IT systems;
  • preparation of payrolls within the full scope defined by the company's remuneration regulations and legal regulations;
  • operation and assistance during the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)  controls;
  • preparation of documentation and settlement of benefits for employees working abroad and foreigners in Poland (business trips, secondments);
  • settlement of civil-law contracts (e.g. contracts of mandate, contracts for specific work);
  • preparing monthly reports for employees (RMUA) and all types of Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) declarations;
  • preparing declarations for the purposes of the Central Statistical Office;
  • human resources records management.