Financial and accounting counseling

We provide conducting accounting and tax books for various economical entities and also complex counselling services covering:

  • counselling within the scope of interpretation and application of accounting and reporting requirements in relation to particular economical transactions;
  • adjusting financial reporting performed with accordance with the Polish regulations for MSSF,
  • supporting identification of changes in accounting regulations, which influence financial reports of the entity and consolidated financial statement of the group.
  • analysing consistence of accounting policies with accounting standards;
  • updating accounting policies and/ or accounting plans;
  • developing instructions of document flow;
  • developing a form of useful financial reports adjusted to the specific nature of activity, according to the Accounting Act and MSSF;
  • identifying areas, where financial reports are not fulfilling standards and or are not consistent with leading practices for preparation of financial reports;
  • supporting designing accounting processes;
  • training the employees.

All reports for the Clients may be prepared in English or Italian.