Conductin accounting and tax books

Outsourcing of accounting services allows to allocate resources of the entity to operations of the basic area of its activities, reducing organisational load of its employees and allows to make savings in the areas of stuff, place and equipment.

We provide services within the scope of conducting accounting and tax books - revenues and expenses, for several economic entities, various within the scope of the nature of their activities (trade, production, services, export, import, intra-community transactions), size and property relations. Among our Clients there are commercial law companies, foundations, associations, foreign entities in Poland, public benefit organization obliged to conduct accounting books according to the Accounting Act and detailed decrees, and also revenue and expense ledgers.

Cooperation with us allows to avoid costly investments (equipment and software, service and technological modernisations, adjusting to changes in regulations, remuneration for accounting division and costs of training, free local space).  The most crucial is the quality of services resulting from our specialisation in this scope.

We hold a practical solutions for practical problems of our Clients, who obtain our assist in contacts with tax offices, banks, Social Security Office, or servicing audits and other audit and inspection activities.

Within the current accounting service, we offer:

  • accounting services related with starting the business in Poland (including for foreigners and companies with foreign capital), covering all application activities and updating process,
  • current conducting accounting and tax books;
  • preparation of monthly tax declarations and required statistical reports;
  • preparation of documentations related with the end of financial year;
  • preparation of reports and analyses for  the board;
  • preparation of consolidation reports and reports in accordance with standards accepted by the Client;
  • replacement of the head accountant;
  • interim support for the stuff of accounts departments of the Clients;
  • support in the event of tax controls.

All reports for the Clients may be prepared in English or Italian.

We also offer many services supporting functioning of internal accounting and controlling departments:

  • services related to organization of the accounts department;
  • providing efficient information flow and financial documents;
  • introducing the management accounting system;
  • introducing the internal control system;
  • working out specific accounting problems;
  • support in choosing and implementing the accounting system;
  • revisions of accounting records;
  • revisions of accounting procedures;
  • support and cooperation with controlling departments of the Client,
  • services within the scope of internal audit;
  • interim support for employees of accounts departments (accounting emergency service),
  • constant supervision for accounts conducted by the Clients combined with the cyclical reporting for the benefit of the Board or other entitled persons,
  • specialistic trainings for employees of the accounting and controlling departments.

All reports for the Clients may be prepared in English or Italian.