Study and review of financial reports and other validation services

Study of financial reports are performed according to requirements defined in the Accounting Act on 29.09.1994 (consolidated text Journal of Law of 2009, no 152, item 1223 with subsequent changes), professional standards defined by the National Board of Statutory Advisors (on 16 February 2010 the National Board of Statutory Advisors accepted a resolution within the scope of national standards of audit), Audit International Standards and Accounting International Standards.

Order for study of the financial report is carried out always by the team conducted by experienced statutory advisor. Our approach to the study of the financial reports was worked out in such way, to adjust it to special features of the Client's business and certain requirements used by the Client in his financial reporting.

We also offer other services of validation nature, in particular:

  • studying consolidation packages made according with MSR/MSSF;
  • due diligence studies;
  • court expertises, which the Client may use for evidence proceedings for common courts;
  • providing opinions for valuation of shares and valuation of shares in capital companies;
  • studying reports of founders of joint stock companies;
  • shares pricing;
  • studying non-cash inputs;
  • studying plans of joining, division and transformation of trade companies.

Moreover, we also provide other verification services within the scope of detailed procedures agreed with the Clients.

All reports for the Clients may be prepared in English or Italian.