About us

„Kompetencja Sp. z o. o.” was set up in 2003 on the basis of experience of the present Members of the Board, who since 1994 had had the activity of the same profile in the form of business activity run by natural persons.
The Company was entered in the register of entrepreneurs KRS no 0000163706.
„Kompetencja Sp. z o. o.” was registered in the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors as an entity authorised to review all financial statements no 3237.

As the entity authorised to review all financial statements and perform financial and accounts services for enterprises, the Company obtains civil liability insurance related with specific types of performed activity.

Our current experience and constant development allow us to broaden the scope of provided services and optimisation of operations. We believe, that our services do support our Clients in strengthening of their reliability toward regulatory authorities, financial institutions and business partners.

Our main asset is ability to conduct all accounts and financial services in English and Italian, as well as our multiannual experience in servicing entities with the foreign capital belonging to capital groups.
Our Clients are entities operating in the area of services, trade and production. We also provide services for representative offices, foundations, non-governmental organisations and  non-profit making bodies. The ownership structure of our Clients included both the Polish entities, as well as those with English, Italian, French, Dutch, Finnish, German, Luxembourgish and American capital.
We also hold an insurance policy securing a proper protection for the scope of our operations.