Current tax settlements, payroll service

The idea of entrusting some part of issues related to the current functioning of entities to external entities, in many countries proved to be an effective means of increasing their efficiency. Many companies realised, that it is useful to remove from their organisational structures all those departments, which were not directly related with their basic profile of operations: trade, production or services.
Ordering calculation of salaries and conducting employee issues for external specialists, shall allow the company to focus on its basic operations, giving quantifiable pecuniary advantages and guaranteeing complete security of information circuit concerning salaries and not revealing them inside the company.

Within this segment of services we offer you:

  • Preparation of tax declaration, in particular:
  • preparation of monthly tax declaration within the scope of income tax and VAT,
  • preparation of annual information of incomes and payments in advance for personal income tax,
  • preparation of annual tax declarations,
  • support in performing payments due to taxes in proper tax offices,
  • applying for assignment of tax identification number (NIP) and updating data in the event of their change,
  • preparation- in the event of such need- other documents, settlements and declarations for tax bodies.

Payroll service and national insurance counselling, including:

  • preparation of documents necessary for application and registration of an employer and employees for pension insurance;
  • conducting the personal data base of the employees and preparation of data for initiation systems of the Clients;
  • preparation of salary scales in the full scope defined by the employee remuneration regulation and provisions of law;
  • preparation and filling in proper institutions corresponding settlement documents within the scope of social insurance and health insurance contributions,
  • settlement of labour time and absence;
  • settlement of the Benefits and Loan Fund and Social Fund,
  • settlement of civil law agreements (e.g. contract of mandate, work),
  • preparation of monthly reports for employees (RMUA) and all types of declarations for ZUS,
  • preparation of declarations for GUS,
  • managing the staff documents - conducting personal files of employees and documentation related with the labour relationship (according to the Labour Code);
  • detailed reporting according to regulations of the Polish Law and specific needs of our Clients,
  • servicing and assist during ZUS control,
  • preparation of documentation and settlement of employees' remunerations working abroad and foreigners in Poland (business trips, secondment).

All reports for the Clients may be prepared in English or Italian.