Board and team

We are strongly presumed, that the quality of our services is measured not only by the taken methodology, but also, or maybe: first and foremost, the people.

We are a team of almost twenty people representing various acedemic profiles and various professional experience,. Our employees hold at least an MA degree in accounting, finances and internal auditing. We are proud of a record low rotation index. Our employees work with us and with our Clients for long years.

Our employees constantly improve their skills by attending various topical courses, postgraduate studies and within the frames of international qualification within the scope of management CIMA (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and internal audit.

Our all employees in charge were trained within the scope of counteracting money laundering.
Our supporting stuff consists of young and dynamic people and we collaborate closely with lawyers, tax advisors specialising in the chosen areas of economic law and assessors.

Our labour culture is based on cooperation, we promote mutual respect, open exchange of opinions and constant professional and personal development.

The Members of the Board are: Agnieszka Ostaszewicz- the President of the Board and Wiesława Korzeniewska- the Vice-President of the Board.



Agnieszka Ostaszewicz - Prezes Zarządu
Agnieszka Ostaszewisz- the President of the Board, a graduate of Warsaw University and postgraduate studies in the area of accounts and finances, as well as internal audit and internal control. The statutory auditor since 2000 (the qualification number on the statutory auditors list: 9555), holder of the CIMA certificate since November 2010. In 2000-2003, the editor of National Council of Auditing Firms Bulletin, edited by the Accountants Society in Poland, with which she is linked since 1996. Until 2007 she had held the position of the International Cooperation Director. In 1999-2007, the translator and verifier of the official Polish edition of International Financial Reporting Standards and International Standards of Auditing. The Member of two cadences of the Accounting Standard Committee, cooperating with the Minister of Finance (2002-2005) and co-author of Property Assessors Standard: "Valuation for financial reports within the meaning of Accounting Act." The Member of the Board (2006-2007) and ex- Secretary General and Technical Advisor (2007-2008) of the European Federation of Accountants and Auditors of Small and Medium Companies with its registered office in Brussels ( The Member for two terms (since 2007) of the Consultant Board of the Committee for Education of Professional Accountants cooperating with International Federation of Accountants ( 2008-2010- The Member of the Board of the Society XBRL Poland („Stowarzyszenia XBRL Polska) (


  Wiesława Korzeniewska - the Vice-President of the Board- the long- term head accountant and the Director of the Head Office of the Accountants Society in Poland ( The Member of many supervisory boards providing accounting services and entities entitled to research financial reports. She is authorised to conduct accounting books and performing services within the scope of tax advice (number of qualification 5888/97). Preceptor and professional guide for "Kompetencja" employees.